Wholesale Enquiries 

We have secured wholesale stock of plain and BBQ jackfruit. With increasing demand, we were stretching ourselves to meet demands of our wholesale customers. From June 2020, Vegalish is happy to announce partnership with Vegan Wholesaler for wholesale supplies to restaurants and catering across UK.

We can still  honour direct orders of up to 5Kg /per week in our 1Kg wholesale pouches .

To place direct order with us, get in touch through our Contact page or email info@vegalish.com

If your quantity requirement is higher than that, Vegan Wholesaler stocks our 2.5kg pouches and will be able to assist you with your bulk order. Please make contact by creating a trade account.

You can create trade account with Vegan Wholesaler by following  this link

Vegalish Jackfruit Wholesale 

Are you a restaurant or catering business in UK? People are continuing to shift their dietary options, and are becoming more receptive of vegan food UK options. You can agree that there are tons of benefits that you can enjoy by purchasing your food supplies from Vegalish, a renowned vegan food wholesalers in Leeds, UK.

Here’s the deal…

Apart from the long-term health benefits you get through the consumption of wholesome vegan food, vegan food options will enhance your environmental awareness. Additionally, the shift to healthful, plant-based foods will ensure a steady supply of foods to meet the ever-growing demand for food supply in the globe. This is but a sneak peek, of the benefits. We will get deeper into the environmental benefits later in this article.

So, what’s the positive aspect of choosing Vegalish wholesale vegan food UK suppliers?

We understand that your business depends on your revenue levels. Therefore, we are one of the vegan food wholesalers in UK who offer fair pricing for wholesale purchases. We target restaurants and catering facilities so they can create special prices and introduce a unique way of packaging food. That’s why our jackfruit wholesale in Leeds, UK supplies come in 2.5kg or 1kg plastic free foil bulk bags.

At Vegalish, our main objective is to avail scrumptious and nutritious jackfruit-based vegan foods to cater to the vegetarians and vegan community. Researchers in the UK showed pieces of evidence proving that the processing of animal-based foods compounds greenhouse-gas emissions twice as much as in the production of wholesome food products. Therefore, our food production processes adhere to the recommended procedure to not only deliver nutritious and unseasoned jackfruit wholesale foods but to also ensure that these processes remain environmentally sustainable.

Why Choose Vegalish Vegetarian Foods?

Order Online Wholesale Jackfruits in UK

Vegalish strives to create spicy jackfruit wholesale foods in UK that resonate with your healthy vegan lifestyle. We strive to adhere to the recommended production and storage practices while ensuring timely delivery of quality products to consumers. If you haven’t tried out wholesale jackfruit products, here are a few reasons why you should choose us.

100% vegan/ vegetarian. Because vegan foods offer a good alternative to meat proteins, you can confidently purchase our wholesale vegan products to go with other gluten-free dishes. Jackfruit adds a tinge of meatiness to a meal and contains high fiber content, antioxidants, and a balance carbohydrate-fat unit. These foods promote healthy living by preventing various complications such as hypertension, cardiovascular issues, obesity, and diabetes, among others. While the absence of meat protein may raise eyebrows, our fruit-based wholesome meals can be used as an accompaniment for other vegetarian alternatives like almonds and quinoa.

Ambient Storage. All our jackfruit wholesale UK products are stored under room and hence no need to refrigerate or freeze. This is an added advantage to the restaurants. Additionally, with subtle lighting, we prevent cases of spoilage by controlling the thermal conditions in our storage facility.

18-Month Shelf Life. Vegan/ Vegetarian cuisines tend to be highly perishable. At Vegalish, we adhere to standard production codes; to ensure each flavored pack achieves the desired 18 month shelf life.

High Jackfruit content. All Our Flavored Variants Contain 71% Jackfruit Content. The plain young jackfruit contain 77% Jackfruit!

As earlier pointed out, Jackfruit has many nutritional benefits, ranging from high-fiber content, reduced portions of saturated fats, and a substitute for animal protein. As one of the consumer-focused vegan food wholesalers in UK, our wholesale vegan products feature 71% of tender Jackfruit. That means you get these benefits in abundance.

Vegalish “Heat and Eat” Convenience. In today’s world, people get engrossed too much in their daily activities to the extent that they can barely find time to prepare a meal following conventional cooking procedures. Purchasing from Vegalish wholesale vegan food suppliers, you can quickly have your gluten-free dish ready in just minutes. You only need to heat the food content, and it will be ready for consumptions. That saves you time while providing invaluable nourishment to your customers.

A Large Selection of Flavors. You may argue that our flavored foods bear similar characteristics because we use Jackfruit in preparation for each product. That’s far from the truth. Our vegan food wholesale distributors provide a variety of flavors to fit your eating preferences. For example, we have the Tender Jackfruit, BBQ Jackfruit, Salsa Jackfruit, and Indian Curry Jackfruit just mention a few. We also have a line-up of other great flavors coming in the future to accommodate a broad range of vegan food preferences.

Water-based Packaging. Vegalish jackfruit wholesale products come packaged in water containing 77% Jackfruit. Unlike pickling or using brine, this plain option makes our vegan delights perfect for DIY recipes. The use of water leads to the high absorption of flavors, and you can add them in your home-cooked meals to bolster the taste.

Choose Vegalish Jackfruit Wholesale and Discover a Healthy, Delicious Treat

Jackfruit is an exotic green fruit with its origins from the tropical climatic regions of Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. It has a green, textured coat with yellow-orange flesh. A ripe jackfruit tastes as sweet as a pineapple but bears a bland feel when unripe.

One significant reason owing to the rising popularity of Jackfruit is its high nutritional value. For vegans and vegetarians, it has a meaty feel (like that of pork) which makes it an ideal substitute for pork-based sandwiches. Besides that, the ripe fruit can also be used in the preparation of tacos, yogurt, soups, salads, and cereal dishes.

Unripe Jackfruit has a bland taste, which means it is not so strong. That makes it highly preferable for adding a little twist of flavor to a dish. It blends well when seasoned using different Mediterranean ingredients such as cumin, paprika, ground pepper, and cardamom.

Furthermore, the Jackfruit has a high fiber content that helps in proper digestions. It also serves as a protein/ meat substitute, especially when consumed alongside other vegan cuisines. Foods such as peas and lentils form a potent combination when served with Jackfruit.

Vegalish Jackfruit wholesale vegan products add critical chemicals and minerals that not only keep homeostatic processes in perfect balance, but also contains antioxidants, low cholesterol levels, and maintains a balanced sugar level.

Our vegan food wholesale distributors deliver excellent, soft-feel jackfruit-based dishes. The aim is to offer vegetarian and gluten-free individuals an alternative food with significant health benefits.

The best part? Well, our products contain tender jackfruit pieces stored in water. That allows for deep absorption of food flavors while providing a flexible and versatile dish.

Improve Your Restaurant and Catering Business with Vegalish Jackfruit Packaged Foods

Increasing Demand. If you are an entrepreneur running a restaurant or café, you must have noticed the increasing number of people opting for vegan dishes. That compels many catering managers to include vegan treats within their menus. Our wholesale vegan food suppliers produce an extensive selection of jackfruit-based food products that will help in bolstering your menu and boost your sales margins.

Price Flexibility. Adding vegan options to your restaurant listing of food items means you have to find a supplier with flexible pricing models. Vegalish provides affordable wholesale pricing when you purchase our products in bulk. Besides, we offer you the option to have the supplies delivered in bits or bulk.

Menu Customization. Our vegan food wholesale distributors deliver different flavors of Vegalish plant-based products. The main ingredient, Jackfruit, has a meaty feel that incorporates a different mix to your cuisines. We have different flavors of packaged treats that can blend perfectly with different flavors. For instance, you may try our BBQ Jackfruit on a soya-bean dish to give it a tantalizing taste/ aroma.

Ease of preparation. Vegalish wholesale vegan food suppliersunderstand that your restaurant/ cafeteria receives a high turnover of clients looking for vegetarian dishes. That calls for a supply of easy-to-prepare plant-based products. With our Jackfruit wholesale supplies, you can prepare a meal on order within a few minutes. You only need to heat it and have it served to the client.

High Return Margins. Our special packaging system results in a high drained fruit content. That said, our wholesale vegan food comes in compact small compact bags, allowing you to order in bulk. You also receive discounted prices, which pushes your revenue margins a notch higher.

Vegalish Jackfruit Vegan Products: Awakening the Environmental-Friendliness in You

When you purchase our jackfruit wholesale in UK, you show your awareness of the environment because meat-based foods consume a lot of resources such as land, water, and energy. Our products feature plant materials which require a small piece of land. Further, our production processes leave a low carbon footprint in the environment.

Animals form an integral part of the environment, and consuming plant-based packaged foods is an effective measure towards animal conservation. Of more concern is that in 2015, virtually 5 billion animals were bred and slaughtered for food production on a worldwide scale. Many journals and conservation magazines have highlighted the adverse conditions that animals undergo when being raised, such as filthy, overcrowded sheds that may lead to disease outbreaks and injuries. Therefore, when you eat vegan dishes, you help in reducing the number of animals that have to live through severe distress just to become a component on a plate.

Vegalish wholesale vegan food supplies offer an excellent choice for vegan gourmands. The foods provide an excellent substitution for animal-based dishes and offer high nutritional value. Also, if you’re willing to try out a different touch to your cuisines, you can place an order with us to buy Vegalish Jackfruit foods and add a unique twist of flavor to a DIY recipe.