Guide : Vegan Food Suppliers, Distributors & Online Delivery in  UK

People are beginning to be more cautious about what they eat, with many people opting for vegan and vegetarian dietary options. According to a report by Mintel, the increasing number of individuals adopting a vegan lifestyle has prompted many vegan food suppliers like Vegalish Vegan Wholesalers to increase their production volumes.

In 2015, only 8% of all food products launched were vegan. In 2016, however, the trend had risen, prompting vegan food producers to increase production with vegan foods accounting for 16% of all food products released into the market. Looking at the rise in brands and foods that offer plant-based, eco-friendly foods, you’ll vouch that vegan producers are beginning to take consumers seriously. Currently, Vegalish Vegan food supplier, one of UK’s leading vegan companies, has established its niche in the vegan industry investing a significant amount of capital to increase production levels of our Jackfruit-based meat replacements through technological innovations and bioengineering processes.

Today, the shift to vegan culture holds a lot of prospects for consumers. For instance, if you purchase vegan food online, let’s say our tender jackfruit meals, you get excellent plant-based meat substitutes that have significant nutritional value than traditional meats. In the recent past, it would have been impossible to reduce the levels of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. But with the increased “pilgrimage” to veganism, reducing the rates of global warming is not a long shot after all.

Vegan Foods: Sustainable or Not?

A report released by Plant Based Foods Association indicated that Walmart, a leading vegan food distributor, had pushed for an increase in the production of plant-based foods by local vegan food suppliers UK. That begs the questions: How sustainable are vegan foods, and what are the strategies that vegan food suppliers in the UK can employ to get consumers to like plant-based meats?

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, is but one of the billionaires splurging billions of dollars in investments in the vegan industry. This year, he invested $30 million in a Chile-based company that produces vegan mayonnaise called The Not Company. The company combines the use of biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and plant-based ingredients to create vegan meat alternatives. Other renowned investors who seem to have a hook on the growing vegan food industry include Microsoft owner, Bill Gates, Twitter creators, Evan Williams and Biz Stones, as well as Sergey Brin, Google co-founder. These are some of the world’s movers and shakers who have seen a long-term and sustainable business in the veganomic wave.

On the other token, there are speculations as to how Burger Impossible, a plant-based burger restaurant, can maintain its client base by providing plant-based meat substitutes in burgers. The company innovatively designed a bioengineering process that churns out tanks of heme, a red porphyrin compound that’s rich in iron and forms the protein-free component in hemoglobin. It is this compound that gives Burger Impossible’s vegan meat it’s bleeding and meaty taste and texture.

A statement by Kantar Worldpanel seemed to back up Vegalish’s vegan-driven pursuits, pointing out that, in 2018, over 60 million Britons consumed 150 million vegan foods. These numbers certainly an indication that more and more people are inclined to promote the consumption of plant-based dishes.

Scrap out the Vegan Label to Attract More Meat Eaters


Vegan whole meals have become a healthy option for many people, including world-renowned, elite athletes and celebrities. These groups are becoming more concerned about their health and compassion for animals, prompting them to adhere to a vegan diet. However, the plant-based food industry continues to create a fuss among food lobbyists with a significant number of vegan food suppliers in the UK trying to scrape out the “Vegan” logo and using “plant-based” instead.

If you are a vegan food distributor, it would be an excellent idea to follow suit, having seen the same trend in the US. This practice is on the rise with many vegan food suppliers UK saying that the “vegan” logo marginalized the vegan population. People would be more receptive and may consider buying vegan food online, which has the plant-based label. After understanding what a vegan lifestyle means, gluten-free food producers used the term vegan as a way to market their products as healthy alternatives.

However today, European industrial players are starting to ditch the traditional “vegan” logo after discovering that the word made people think the food is tasteless or bland. The Plant Based Food Association (PBFA) said that people liken plant-based logos as they can easily associate to healthy eating. Currently, Vegalish Vegan Food Wholesalers have joined the trend as a means of promoting their products. In fact, the PBFA has plans of providing “plant-based” certificates on vegan food packaging. For many people, the term vegan is more of a cult, and if you’re a meat eater, seeing a “vegan” label is like someone pointing a finger at you for promoting animal exploitation and suffering. Plant-based logos alleviate that and create a universal acceptance of vegan foods, even by meat lovers.

Effective Strategies for Buying Vegan Food in Bulk

At Vegalish, our target market is wholesale consumers of gluten-free meat replacement foods, such as restaurants and other food-service establishments. Our business policy aims to offer a discount with every wholesale orders of vegan food online. Our jackfruit-based meals are packed in packets of 2.5 kg and 5kg packets which pose minimum environmental concerns as they are made of plastic free material. Our bulk vegan food online delivery enables your restaurant to maximize on profits.


Because we offer huge discounts on bulk buying, allowing you to sell the vegan foods at a price that provides the highest returns. Besides, our Vegalish foods are ready-to-eat. Therefore, it only takes a few minutes to heat up in a pan and get served. Read on to learn about the best strategies when buying in bulk.

Join the Bulk Buyer’s Turf

While wholesale supplies come at a low price per unit, your vegan food distributor may offer high upfront costs, which is deterrent to most buyers. But you can share this cost by collaborating with your friends, family, neighbors, and retailers to identify vegan food suppliers UK who have minimum discounts on wholesale purchases. Such a vegan food online delivery is done at one point, and it is the group to collect the cash and disburse the supplies to each member.

Share a CSA Box Supplies

The idea behind sharing a CSA box sharing is to avoid vegan food online delivery and to promote your local producer of fresh, farm supplies. There are a variety of box sizes, and if you partner with other buyers to purchase the largest available box, you have the chance of purchasing our Vegalish jackfruit foods every week at an affordable price.

Offer Help at a Local Farm

You can volunteer to help at one of your local farmer’s piece of land as a way to get fresh vegan foods. It is an effective strategy, especially if you can spend an hour or two to help in planting, weeding, or harvesting. The farmers are often friendly and glad to provide a bag of fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals in exchange for the assistance you offered.