The Vegalish Story

Determined not to let gluten intolerance and insulin sensitivity get in the way of enjoying delicious food, our founders Denny and Anusha tirelessly searched the UK market for a gluten-free and low GI (glycemic index) plant-based food.

They realised that an excellent food choice that they’re familiar with was missing: jackfruit and jackfruit-based options. After careful research, they had no doubt that they needed to introduce deliciously flavored jackfruit food items for the vegan and vegetarian community in the market.

Saju, too, hails from Kerala—a state on the southwestern, Malabar Coast of India—where jackfruit thrives abundantly. In Kerala, ripe jackfruit and related products are an immensely popular delicacy among the locals.

Having grown and harvested jackfruits in our  childhood, we are intimately aware of the fruit’s potential as a delicious and nutritious meat alternative for vegans and vegetarians.

And that’s how Vegalish came to be. Here, we all stand by our vision to make sure jackfruit—the tasty and healthy gift from Mother Nature—benefits as many people as possible.

It is for this reason that we work extra hard to promote jackfruit products to the broader vegan and vegetarian community through the Vegalish brand. Be part of our fun and delectable journey by checking out our 100 percent vegan/vegetarian products and recipes.