Order The Best Jackfruit Products Online

At Vegalish, we manufacture great tender jackfruits-based products. Since vegetarians do not consume meat products, these products are a suitable alternative for meat. The meat-like texture is also impressive. The protein and fiber content is also remarkable. Additionally, the carbohydrates and fat content per 100g/ml is also favorable. As a result, the jackfruit based products contribute greatly to ensuring that people can continue to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some of the products such as the tender jackfruit pieces in water are versatile and they can absorb different flavors easily.

We produce spiced jackfruit products guaranteeing you not only delicious sauces but also quality. Our jack fruit products are suitable plant-based alternative for meat considering that vegetarians do not consume animal related products. For more information about our products contact us or visit us.

Why Vegalish?


We offer four great-tasting jackfruits products to cater to different palates and preference.

  • Make delectable KFC-style fried jackfruit with Vegalish Tender Jackfruit.
  • Use Vegalish Salsa Jackfruit for a mildly tangy and spicy flavor in your tacos, enchiladas, wraps and burgers.
  • Vegalish Jackfruit in Indian Curry mix makes savory Chapatti, Naan bread, and rice.
  • Use Vegalish BBQ Jackfruit to put together some amazing pulled jackfruit burgers, loaded wraps, pulled jackfruit pizza, and sandwiches.


We offer vegans and vegetarians an excellent plant-based meat substitute that has a low glycemic index (GI) and low in calories. Our products are also high in sustaining fibre.

Easy to prepare

All our products are “heat-and-eat”, you can have them ready in a few minutes. Just empty the contents into a pan or microwave container and heat to the temperature indicated on the package. Stir halfway through heating time. Finally, serve!