Tender jackfruit pieces in Barbecue Sauce

Product Description

The tender jackfruit pieces in barbecue sauce can be used to replace pulled pork. It can be used during the creation of different dishes such as a loaded wrap, a pulled jackfruit burger, pulled jackfruit pizza, and sandwiches. You’ll just heat the sauce in a pan/ microwave oven and serve it while it’s hot.

This is a suitable plant-based meat alternative. It has low calories levels, and the fiber content is high. It is already cooked, and it is suitable for wraps, burgers, tacos, and pizza toppings.

Essential Information

Ingredients used to prepare the tender jackfruit pieces in barbecue sauce include: Tender jackfruit constitute 71% of the sauce. The other ingredients are: Jaggery, Water, Sugar, Tomato paste, Tamarind, Iodized salt, permitted stabilizers, spices, permitted acidity regulators, and permitted preservatives. BBQ Jackfruit contains no allergens.

Nutrition Facts

The typical value is as per 100g/ml

  • Energy- 423KJ and 101Kcal
  • Fat- 0.28g
  • Saturated fat- 0.03g
  • Carbohydrates- 25.18g.
  • Carbohydrates with sugars- 12g.
  • Carbohydrates with fiber- 8g.
  • Protein- 1.24g.
  • Salt- 0.005g.

Cooking Instructions

Empty all the contents into a pan. A medium flame is preferable. Occasional stirring should also take place. When using a microwave, heat the sauce for four mins at a capacity of 800W. Stirring should also take place when heating using a microwave oven.

The barbecue sauce weighs 300g each piece. They are sold in a pack of 3 pieces. Once the package is opened, it should be consumed in three days. Also, it should be refrigerated. Order bbq jackfruit.