At Vegalish, we are focused on producing the best products for both the vegan and vegetarian community. We understand the importance of having your meal delivered on time and in perfect condition. As such, we are committed to serving all our customers to their satisfaction. What is even better is the use of jackfruit that we use to make our products tasty and unique. If you want to have an excellent vegan or vegetarian journey, then you might be interested in trying some of our Vegalish jackfruit products.
We offer unmatched convenience in vegan food online delivery in London to ensure our customers are always satisfied with the quality of service. It is our priority to have an effective system that can take accountability for all our activities.

So, why is it necessary to trust us with your vegan or vegetarian needs?

The following are some of the reasons why:

Ambient temperature storage
At Vegalish, we pay special attention to the air temperature surrounding our equipment. We understand how crucial it is to functionality and longevity. As such, by use of ambient temperature, all our products are stored in perfect condition so that when they get to you, they will be in excellent shape. Food products can be quite sensitive, and that is why we ensure we do not take any chances with food safety.

One year shelf life
No one wants a product with an expiration date just after a couple of days. With us, you get to enjoy a 1-year shelf life for some of our products. We understand the challenges you may encounter when your products keep on expiring, and you are required to throw them away. Not only does it lead to losses but can also be quite inconvenient, especially when you need something and it is already expired.

High jackfruit content compared to that of other products in the market
The good thing with jackfruit is that its taste while unripe is not naturally strong. As such, it can take on a variety of flavours. It has many nutrients and fiber content that one can make the most out of mainly when they use it as a meat substitute alongside other nutritious vegan foods. With the high jackfruit content of 71% unflavored and 77% plain, all our products contain a high nutritional value that has proved helpful to people who are 100% vegan and vegetarian. Try our vegan readymeal in London, and you will realize what you have been missing all along. Being vegan or vegetarian does not mean that you cannot have a tasty meal. On the contrary, you can enjoy your meal too as would any other person.

We package our products with water instead of brine
We understand the significance of having a tasty meal, and that is why we use water for packaging our vegan food online delivery in London. This way we can retain flavours better, and by the time you receive your order nothing much is changed. You do not want your vegan food to be delivered, having lost flavour it had immediately after preparation. At Vegalish, we restrain from using brine. There is no point of having a vegan readymeal in London when you cannot even feel the flavours anymore. It is our job to ensure that you get the best quality food and that you are served to your satisfaction.

We offer convenience with all our products
When you order a particular meal online, you expect it to be delivered within the shortest time possible. Not only that, upon arrival, you want to get eating as fast as you can because perhaps you were too tired to cook and starving at the same time. Luckily for you, we have got you covered. Our vegan food online delivery in London is as sufficient as you would like. All orders arrive within the shortest time possible so that you do not have to wait forever. Also, our products are heat and eat, meaning you do not have to do much once you get your delivery. You only need to put your vegan or vegetarian food in the microwave for a short while then get eating. We are here to ensure that you are served smoothly with quality service.

Environment-friendly packaging
We understand how crucial it is to keep the environment safe. That is why we make use of plastic-free inner foil as well as outer paper boxes. If you want to have a vegan readymeal in London and at the same time are concerned about the environment, then we are your best bet. All packaging for deliveries across the country is designed to keep the environment safe. Being vegan or vegetarian can be a hard decision, and if you are naturally so, all the more reason to promote environment-friendly packaging. The good thing is that this is what we are all about.

We are dedicated to providing tasty food products for a broader community that is 100% vegan as well as vegetarian. In this process, we have assembled a highly qualified team that knows how to prepare different products. Likewise, we have implemented a very active delivery service to our customers from all over. Our goal is to work with you and make your vegan or vegetarian journey as enjoyable as possible. You deserve nothing but the best, and that is why we are here to provide you with endless opportunities. Contact us today and give us the chance to serve you the way you deserve!