Turns out the Jackfruit represents many things: it’s a popular meat alternative for plant-based diets, it tastes like juicy fruit, and it has a distinct, musky smell that might turn off some people, but has become a favourite food in many regions of the world — including the United Kingdom.

Even though it is burgeoning in popularity, the jackfruit is an underutilised crop. The under-utilisation is unfortunate — the jackfruit tree needs very little care once it is established, especially when compared to other popular crops like rice, corn, and wheat. It’s also a perennial plant so it doesn’t need constant replanting. Simply put, it’s an agricultural wonder. Catering to vegan food wholesalers in London, we are looking spread the deliciousness of jackfruit, and also put a spotlight on its agricultural and industrial uses.

Partnering With Vegan Food Wholesalers in London
Consumers are continuously shifting their dietary options. However, a trend that has come to the foreground of the conversation is vegetarianism and veganism in the United Kingdom.

As one of the vegan food wholesalers in London, Vegalish has taken the initiative to focus on buyer and supplier relationship building. As the supplier of the delicious jackfruit, we want to create lasting bonds with individuals and retailers who want to expand their product listing and include the jackfruit. And the good news? As jackfruit wholesalers and other vegan products, we are steadily building a network of viable suppliers in the Leeds area.

Taking care of your established customer base. The single most important benefit of using a whole seller is that you will have an established source for your jackfruit and other vegan products. Your existing customer base will show increased interest in your retail spaces due to the product mix.

Another benefit of using wholesaler is that we understand the unique bureaucracy of sales and marketing and the importance of selling the product in the right way to your customers. Wholesalers can introduce new product and help promote them most effectively to the end-user to achieve the best sales results.

By now you should, as a retailer, understand the relationship with a wholesaler is symbiotic. Retailers will benefit from a source of quality product to fill their storage space without the need to invest in peripheral services. We have an established and reliable logistics system which allows the quick relocation of product.

Vegan restaurants and retail spaces are far from the underground happenings of the past. They are now mainstream seeking jackfruit wholesale in London, with several vegan-friendly diners opening up in Leeds needing a steady supply of vegan ingredients. No wonder you want to be part of the revolution, including the famous jackfruit in your product list.

Why You Should Partner With Vegalish
Independent of the fact that the jackfruit has a following, there are unique benefits of spearheading the jackfruit and the vegan movement.

You will be promoting a diet rich in nutrients. When switching out meats to other foods, the replacement can be in the form of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and seeds. As if that’s not enough, since these foods take up a larger portion of the vegan diet than the typical diet, then there’s an uptick in the intake of certain nutrients. Studies have shown, for example, that vegan diets are higher in fibre and antioxidants. They are also particularly rich or in potassium, folate, and magnesium — trace minerals and vitamins that are important for cognitive ability.

Promoting healthy weight loss in your community. Many studies show that vegans tend to be thinner and have a lower body mass index. Besides, there are reports that vegan diets are more effective for weight loss than the diets they’re compared to. What’s more, a recent study compared the weight loss effects of different types of diets — and the vegetarian and vegan diets were just as well accepted as other diets, pinpointing at the mainstream effect of these alternative diets.

Another positive aspect of choosing Vegalish is that we can understand your business needs, as well as the importance of revenue. We are one of the only wholesalers in the UK to offer uniquely fair pricing, empowering our distributors and retailers while also striving for a healthier Leeds.

Our main objective is to help you sell nutritious jackfruit based product. What does that mean to you? That means our jackfruit has a one-year shelf life, with products being formulated with a high jackfruit content. Our packaging use water instead of brine to retain better flavours. There are also heat and eat products for your convenience. This is all done with the help of environmentally friendly packaging that does not use plastic and unnecessary components.

Contact Vegalish, Jackfruit Wholesale In London
While jackfruit is gaining ground as the go-to source for vegan-friendly dishes, it requires the careful handling of a dedicated wholesaler. Our jackfruit is packaged for longevity while still keeping the benefits intact; the jackfruit is in perfect balance, containing its original antioxidants, low cholesterol levels, and sugar levels that you expect from the jackfruit. To learn more about our wholesale partnerships, contact us.