Jackfruit is the new vegan sensation in the UK. And, if you are wondering where to find the Jackfruit in Leeds then, you can visit the nearby supermarket to purchase it.  It is a new healthy meat replacement and is strongly dominating over the meat market in Leeds.

If you don’t know anything about this delicious meat substitute then pay attention, you are about to meet your new vegetarian meat-like substitute.

Let’s know more about the Jackfruit

What is Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is also known as Pauper’s fruit, it belongs to the mulberry, fig and breadfruit family.  It is the biggest tree-borne fruit and weighs up to 100 pounds and is three feet long.  It looks green and spiky from the outside whereas from inside, it is made up of edible yellow bulbs.  The seeds inside the Jackfruit can be eaten, cooked or ground into flour.

How to eat Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is highly versatile as a fruit. You can eat it on its own or you can incorporate the fruit with other dishes.  Jackfruit has meaty texture which makes it an ideal choice for the vegetarians and vegans.  The flesh of jackfruit would look similar to pulled pork once you cook it.

 An easy way to prepare the Jackfruit

To prepare the Jackfruit-

You need to slice it in half and remove the seeds and fruit pods from its core and skin. For this, you can use the hands or knife.

Note – The white fibrous part inside the jackfruit is very tacky, thus, preferably wear hand gloves while dealing with the Jackfruit.  You can prepare it with sweet as well as savoury dishes, all depends upon its ripeness.

Where to find an online jackfruit grocery store in the UK?

Since the jackfruit is an exotic fruit, it can be very difficult to find it in the grocery stores, especially when the fruit is out of season. Though, the fruit is often sold canned which is a very convenient option. You can also check the websites like yelp to know about the nearby online grocery stores selling the fresh Jackfruit. And, if you still have a doubt from where to buy fresh Jackfruit in Leeds, you can visit vegalish.com.  Vegalish is the leading online fresh Jackfruit seller store in Leeds and has a variety of options.

Why the Jackfruit is so popular among the vegans?

Vegans and vegetarians usually prefer to eat the jackfruit as a meat alternative due to its delightful taste and texture. This fruit is getting very popular as the meat replacement in Jackfruit tacos and other dishes.  It can also be incorporated into soups and curries. Also, the Jackfruit offers a number of health benefits which is the major reason why Jackfruit is so popular among the Vegans.


Adding Jackfruit in your diet is Worth- Here is the Reason why?

  • It boosts the immune system

Jackfruit contains the high antioxidants which your body needs to fight against the early ageing signs. It also makes your immune system strong to fight against common infections like flu, cold and runny nose.  It is a wonderful source of Vitamin C which is very healthy for the skin.

  • Jackfruit Improves the Energy level

It is an ideal source of energy booster, especially for the people who are weight conscious.  The young jackfruit fruit has low Glycaemic Index hence it includes a substantial amount of slow release carbohydrates which can give you an energy boost without increasing the fat rate. Ripe Yellow Jackfruit have fructose and sucrose which is easy to digest and very healthy for the body.  A diabetic person can eat the Jackfruit without getting worried about hyperglycaemia.

  • Prevent Anaemia by increasing the Red Blood Cell count

Jackfruit is enriched with iron which can help you to fight against the RBC deficiency.  It has a high rate of vitamin C which increases the iron absorption in your body. The potential of the body to absorb the iron is restricted in the Vitamin C absence. Also, the Jackfruit also has magnesium and copper, both are very important minerals which assists in the proper blood building process.

  • Improves the digestion

Jackfruit is enriched with dietary fibre. High fibre content is very helpful in improving digestion and also prevents stomach diseases.  Thus, the jackfruit can help you to deal against the common stomach related concerns like gastritis and constipation.

  • Protect the eyes

Jackfruit contains Vitamin A and few carotenoid anti-oxidants which are healthy for the eyes.  Lutein belongs to the carotenoid anti-oxidants which helps in preserving the retina and optic nerve integrity.  Vitamin E also helps in reinforcing the mucous membrane on the cornea which works as a natural barrier against the infections.  To summarize, consuming the Jackfruit in the long term basis can help you to protect your vision for a long time.

The aforementioned points are the reason why the people in Leeds are choosing the Jackfruit over meat and other usual sweet fruits to eat due to its amazing health benefits.

The Bottom Line

Jackfruit is good to eat for a lot of reasons:

It is enriched with high antioxidants and nutrients and has so many health benefits.  You can easily include the Jackfruit in your diet by including it in different dishes or eating it plain.  It is an excellent alternative of meat for vegan and vegetarian recipes.

You can easily find the Jackfruit during the summer seasons in tropical areas, but you can easily purchase it from the online grocery stores throughout the year.  You may have a doubt that where to find an online jackfruit grocery store in the UK? The answer is simple, just visit www.vegalish.com and buy Jackfruit products from the website. Vegalish has a large variety of Jackfruit products which are ready to eat. Not only this, at Vegalish, you will get different recipes to prepare your Jackfruit.


So, try this amazing Miracle fruit and take advantage of its amazing health benefits.