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Buy Jackfruit in Leeds

Where to buy jackfruit in Leeds and why?

You may have heard about the Jackfruit or maybe not. But, once you try it you are going to love it.

Jackfruit is native to the Southeast Asian Countries, it is cultivated in the tropical regions.  This fruit is enriched with high fibre and is healthy to eat.  Honestly, you will love the soft and delicious taste of fruit when it melts in your mouth.

Now, you may wonder

How does it taste?” “

It’s delicious taste and interesting cooking properties resemble the texture and taste of meat.   The green Jackfruit is bland in taste with a light sour smell which goes after cooking it.  Also, you need to rinse it well before cooking it.

The popularity of Jackfruit is increasing in Leeds day by day. This fruit is like a bliss for vegan people. If you are also residing in Yorkshire region, then you might be struggling to get an answer to your question –  where to buy Jackfruit near me in Leeds.

Buying the whole big Jackfruit can be very costly, but there are also less pricey options available that you can go for.  You can buy canned or frozen Jackfruit. Choices of places to buy a jackfruit depend upon your locality.

Before we proceed further in our search for where to buy the Jackfruit, let’s know more about this fruit:

Jackfruit Availability

Jackfruit is available in different forms. You may be able buy fresh Jackfruit and it is highly recommended, however you should be prepared to spend time getting the good bits out. Alternatively, you can buy a prepared Jackfruit from the market in the form of a dish or you could prepare a dish by your own. Though in some of the regions, you may face difficulty in finding the jackfruit, there are always plenty of alternative options available,

Type of Jackfruit

  • Canned in Brine – You can find this option in Thai or Asian stores. The Canned in Brine option is best for preparing savoury dishes.
  • Canned in Water – You can find this in the large grocery stores and supermarkets. Works best for preparing the savoury and sweet dishes.
  • Canned in syrup – You can buy it from the supermarkets of Thai and Asian stores. It works best for preparing sweet dishes.
  • Pre-packed – These are flavoured, ready to eat Jackfruit products such as Vegalish which are very convenient to prepare

Have a look at some convenient location from where you can buy Jackfruit in Leeds?

Check Yelp

You can check the Yelp to know about the interesting local marketplace options to buy the Jackfruit. Read the recommendation from others.  Another place to buy the jackfruit is ‘Vegan festivals and fairs’. You may be able to find the Jackfruit in ‘Local Farmers Market’.

Asian Grocery stores 

For the fresh stock of jackfruit, you can also consider Asian Grocery Stores. Jackfruit is common in tropical regions, they are usually exported to UK. Although purchasing a whole Jackfruit not always assures the quality, instead you can purchase a frozen Jackfruit if you are residing in the colder regions.  In some places, you may also get an option to buy a small green young jackfruit.

Where to buy Jackfruit Online in Leeds, UK?

Vegalish is specialized online seller of Jackfruit. They have a collection of delightful and fresh Jackfruit based product for vegans as well as vegetarians.  You can also buy the jackfruit from the gourmet grocery section at the Amazon. But, Amazon does not always have a fresh stock of Jackfruit. You can buy dried jackfruit or discover it packaged in syrup or water.

Buying a Jackfruit is not always a simple task due to its sheer size.  It is one of the largest fruit having a spikey exterior which includes the fleshy fruit pods insider.   This is the major reason why the fruit markets pre-cut the jackfruit and pack it in sets of smaller chunks to sell.

If you are buying a raw jackfruit then you need to make sure the pieces are not black and look tender and soft.  If you are buying a ripe fruit, its flesh must be vivacious yellow without any dark patches.

Once you get an answer to your question that from where to buy a jackfruit, another thought could be why to buy Jackfruit?

Here is the reason why: 

Eating jackfruit is beneficial for a lot of reasons. Some of them are mentioned below:

A great replacement of meat

It might sound strange but the Jackfruit is the hottest trend in vegans. Jackfruit can be a great replacement of pulled pork if you cook it in the barbecue sauce.  You can add it in the tacos and sandwiches.

Filled with Nutrients

Natural Jackfruit is filled with the Nutrients. Just a half cup of raw Jackfruit is enriched with good amount of potassium, Vitamin A and C and, Fibre. It has zero sugar and less fats. Though you can use the Jackfruit as a meat replacement, diet has to be supplemented for protein.

Good for the changing environment

Many people have a belief that jackfruit is going to be the next big thing for becoming environmentally friendly. Why?  Its tree is efficient enough to produce the Jackfruit with minimal maintenance in the warm climates – A single tree of jackfruit can produce the 200 Jackfruits per year.

Still wondering from where to buy jackfruit near me in Leeds?

If the jackfruit is not local to your region, then you can try to source it from your nearby local markets and vegan fairs, you can also visit vegalish.com to buy the fresh jackfruit products that could be stored in ambient temperature.

If it seems so difficult to open and cut the jackfruit by yourself then your best bet is pre-prepared in food store’s refrigeration section.  Be careful, sometimes the pre-packed jackfruit also have sweeteners and additives. Thus, you need to make sure that jackfruit you are purchasing is free from additives and doesn’t have any hidden preservatives.

We hope that now you are clear from where to buy jackfruit near me in Leeds and find the exciting tastes in the supermarkets and grocery stores.

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