Jackfruit is the latest vegan trend and becoming very popular as a meat substitute. If Jackfruit is a new term to you then here is all you need to know about it:


Jackfruit, also known as fenne or jack tree is breadfruit originated in India.  It is a part of fig or mulberry family and easily found in the tropical and subtropical areas across the world including Africa, South East Asia and, Brazil. Jackfruit contains the starchy seeds and fleshy bulb, both of them can be used as a food.  This tree can produce the largest edible fruit having an average weight up to 10 kilograms.  The antibacterial, anti-diabetic and antioxidant properties with meat like taste and texture make the jackfruit very popular among the vegans.


Jackfruit belongs to those rare type of fruits that you can skip the fresh one to buy the prepared Jackfruit.


Where can I buy the fresh Jackfruit in Leeds?

The shortest route between you and your fresh and tasty jackfruit is ‘Vegalish’ where you can buy ready- to eat jackfruits in different flavors like Indian Curry jackfruit, Salsa Jackfruit, BBQ jackfruit, and easy to prepare plain Tender jackfruit.

You can serve the Vegalish Indian Curry jackfruit with your Naan bread, chapatti, and rice or you can use Salsa jackfruit to add a delicious spicy flavor to your wraps, tacos, and burgers.  All the Jackfruit products available at Vegalish are easy to prepare and ready to eat in just a few minutes. The organic jackfruit is packed with water instead of brine, thus you do not need to worry about the taste.

Most of the home cooks love to get the jack-attack from jackfruit product as they are quite inexpensive to buy, available in manageable quantity for a single meal and ready to eat.

Why Fresh Jackfruit is the most preferred choice of vegans?

The texture of Jackfruit is very similar to pork and beef. It is highly used as the meat substitute by the vegans all around the world. Jackfruit is often known as the vegetarian meat. Its seeds are also edible and can be roasted or boiled.

Jack fruit is not only delicious but is also super healthy to eat. It is rich in dietary fibre and low in calories. Jackfruit also contains minerals and vitamins and offer a number of health benefits. It also helps in dealing with health issues like blood pressure, bone disease, indigestion and, ulcer.

Jackfruit is easy-to-cook dish, thus it can definitely be in your ‘to do list’.

Jackfruit is becoming easily accessible in the UK. It is easier to get jackfruit than ever before in your hands. So, you don’t have to worry about Where to find the fresh Jackfruit. You can buy it online from your nearby grocery store or supermarket or order online at Vegalish.


If you have a good nearby health food shop or local organic store, there is a good chance that you can find jackfruit stock there. Asian supermarkets are another good place to look for jackfruit. They may even sell fresh jackfruit.


User experience

Many of the users found that jackfruit is versatile, plant-based substitute for the meat due to its sinewy and chewy texture. Many users also consider the Jackfruit as a vegan version of pulled pork and some of the users find the Jackfruit flavor to be similar to artichokes and mushrooms.


Why Jackfruit has become such a hot topic?

Jackfruit is a great replacement for the meat.  It is texture is very similar to the pulled pork and it is amazing at soaking up the new flavors in it.  Many vegans prefer to eat the jackfruit as the meat substitutes like soy, tofu and, bean-based products. Its versatile ingredients work with different food recipes. This is the reason why Jackfruit is in the top-friend list of vegans.

Researchers have also claimed Jackfruit could be the right answer to different food security problems. As it is a complete package of nutrients (calcium, potassium, and iron), calories, easily available in the warmer climate, robust against the diseases, pests, and drought.


Have a look at to top reasons that why Jackfruit is a super fruit:

  • Jackfruit has fewer calories and offers better satiation due to higher water and fibre content. Thus, you can easily deal with your hunger without gaining weight and consuming a very less amount of calories.
  • Jackfruit is an amazing fruit alternative for the diabetic patients. It has a lower glycaemic index (GI) as compared to wheat and rice. This simply means you can replace your cup of rice or roti’s with jackfruit and stay healthy. If you are on any medical prescription for the diabetes, we suggest take advice from your doctor to include the jackfruit in your diet.
  • Jackfruit has low acidity and it is the only fruit which you can consume as a meal to replace the regular carbs like rice and wheat.
  • It is a good source of fibre which works as a bottle brush for cleaning your intestine.

So, add the Jackfruit to your 365 days meal and stay healthy. And, if the questions like ‘where I can buy fresh Jackfruit in Leeds, How to prepare it’ are still revolving in your mind then just visit www.vegalish.com and you will get answers to all your questions.  Vegalish is the most convenient online platform to buy fresh jackfruit in Leeds. We have a wonderful collection of Jackfruits in different flavours with the best quality.